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Market Scan

In order to assess your opportunities in the Latin American or North American market; we believe that Market Scan is an essential step.

Partner Selection

We facilitate international business by connecting customers to strategic players. Know-who is of equal importance as Know-How.


After a market analysis, we will become your eyes and ears in the Latin American or North American market and, therefore, will be the most suitable partner for your company as your representative in Latin America or the US.

Project management

Our network can help you with planning your event / project, helping you find the right venue, setting content, and maximizing your results.

Starting a Business

Starting a business in a new country is a big challenge. Knowing the culture and language of the place where you want to do business is absolutely crucial. Our team will be able to assist you in projects throughout Latin America or the USA.


The LA USA Business team can help you find the best suppliers for supply demands or end customers and distributors for your products.

Investment Services

As a result of the global economic turmoil, international investors are now seeking Latin America in search of greener pastures for their investments. There is also the investment of Latin American companies in new business in the USA. We have the technology, team and methodology to identify some interesting investment opportunities in your field of interest.

Research and Innovation

The Innovation and Research and Development team has network with the main institutions of higher education and applied research.Solutions developed by induced demands or solutions developed from academic research are adapted to impact the productive sector, focusing on the displacement of competition.

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Franchise Industry

We provide consultancy and advisory services to US franchisors who wish to take their brand to the Latin American market, in particular to Brazil, as well as provide specialized services to international franchisors who wish to take their brand and business to explore the US market. . We are the representatives of important franchise brands in Brazil and we work to expand these brands in the USA market, prospecting and supporting investors who want to establish themselves in the USA with a successful franchise.


Our Approach


What does it take to succeed in entering the Latin American market or starting up in the US?

Based on our experience, your success begins with a methodological approach that includes a sequence of steps that we call "Steps to Success."


Step 1: Company Entry

After an initial contact by email, telephone, virtual conference over the internet or personal meeting; we will send you a "Company Entry Form," including several questions about your expectations of the Latin American or US Markets for your company's products or services. This will be followed by an extensive personal interview, during which we will fully understand your expectations and ideas about your business in Latin America or the US. Based on this, we will provide you with a personalized proposal.


Step 2: Market Scan by Country

During a feasibility study, we provide the client with a report, generally describing the following chapters:

• General country information

• Scan competition to better understand customer opportunities

• Search for specific regulations:

• Import regulations and tariffs

• Packaging regulation

• Cultural habits related to the product

Step 3: Market analysis by country

In our market analysis, we provide our client with a more comprehensive report on problems such as:

• Analysis of the target group

• Distribution analysis

• Competition Analysis

• Price analysis

• Report on results, including recommendations

Step 4: Partner selection

A strong local network is essential on the road to success; Know who is of equal importance as Know How. Depending on the business model of your choice, we provide the right local part for the introduction and marketing of your products or services, be it a distributor, reseller, importer, end customer, marketing agency, etc.

Step 5: Local presence

Based on your preferences, LA USA Business  is able to help you find the right form of local presence. Upon completion of a market analysis and its introduction into the local market, we become your eyes and ears in the Latin American or North American market and therefore we can act as your local representative. We can provide your local business presence, including an office facility and the necessary staff. Different business models depending on your needs can be applied.


The LA USA Business provides services such as:

• A (virtual) office with a telephone number and multilingual staff.

• Training sales staff to visit clients.

• Import / export assistance.


Opening of a local subsidiary: 

When a business starts to succeed in Latin America or the US, it may be a logical step to set up a local subsidiary. We have extensive experience with partner companies to help your company with:

1. Establish the most appropriate legal structure of your choice and deal with other legal issues, such as trademark and trademark registration, Labor Law and Customs Regulation, among others.

2. Configure your local infrastructure such as an office, production facility, or distribution center.

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Do you need more information?

We are here to help you. Get in touch by phone, email or social networks.

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