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Brazilian company that is in the process of expansion through the concession of its technology to 6 (six) countries, having as strategic base its American unit, based in New York / USA.

This company specializes in technology based on Artificial Intelligence, where with the use of algorithms of its own, converts images in cloud of points and is able to produce digital models in 4D with the use of metrology and geomatics.

Brazilian company, integrator of products, services and solutions for projects that fully meet the SMART CITIES concept.

It has been active in the Brazilian market since 2003 through its business network formed by Licensed Units, which become Licensed Regional Directorates and by a network of Licensed Agents, who are business agents focused on the relationship with the final customers.

The company has offices in Brasília, in the Federal District, in the city of São Paulo, in the state of São Paulo, and its main unit based in Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, considered the most Smart City in Brazil.

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Brazilian company, developer of software for the management of public policies. 

This company seeks new opportunities and innovative businesses aligned with the theme of Smart Cities that can potentiate their solutions.

The priority market in Brazil is 400 cities with more than 80 thousand inhabitants, among the 5,575 Brazilian cities.

Brazilian company of P, D & I in the areas of sustainability and industrial solutions for the monitoring and preventive treatment of corrosions.

This company has patents of industrial innovation for the complete recycling of aseptic packages, type "long life", being able to separate the paper, the polyurethane and the aluminum of the packages.

It also has a patent of innovation, approved in the USA, for the conversion of waste from the iron and steel process to micronutrients for animal feed and plant nutrition, based on Zinc Sulfate.

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